You want to know the value of your aircraft. That can be for various reasons are important. An appraisal will reply to this. Air Water can draw accepted valuation report for a thorough and market parties.

standard guidelines
There are unfortunately no standard guidelines in aviation for valuing an aircraft as there is for example for appreciating houses. Because we are active in the buying and selling of aircraft in Europe, we have a good picture of what is currently the prevailing prices and values. As a result, we come to a very balanced and realistic appraisal.

We propose appraisal reports on behalf of:

  • Market valuefor the purpose of buying or selling
    • If you want to sell your aircraft is to establish a realistic value of the first step. The market value is the estimated amount for which the aircraft could be transferred to the reference date between a willing buyer and a willing seller in an arm's length transaction after proper marketing wherein the parties informed, prudent and would not have acted under duress.
  • Market valuefor the purpose of insurance
    • You need this value when you want to exit with an insurer insurance. This value may not necessarily be the same as the market for sale.
  • Damageassessmentfor the purpose of insurance
    • This is the value of the loss (or reduction in value due to damage) to your plane. An insurance company is required to determine the benefit of giving a repair job that value

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