Through our years of experience in business consultancy and the aviation industry Air Waterland is your partner for complex aviation challenges. We analyze with you your specific situation and needs and suggest the best solution. Air Waterland specializes in general aviation, but can offer more. Use our experience by:

  • Buying an aircraft
    • You want to buy a plane, but where do you start?  Air Water is pleased to help you to achieve this goal.
    • mapping what your need is;
    • Find suitable aircraft and challenge the proposal;
    • organize and make test flights;
    • define the best form of financing;
    • preference for country of registration?
    • new or used?
  • Selling your aircraft
    • With our extensive network and knowledge Air Waterland always succeeds in selling your aircraft smoothly;
    • You will be amazed by our creativity and service.
  • But also for business proces challenges like:
    • How to setup and run a flying school or start a new line of business.
    • business support of flyingclubs and schools
    • setup a (inhouse) maintenance program
    • Structure co-ownership and financing

Air Waterland

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