You are considering selling your aircraft.

Our Aviation specialists will serve you with advice and practical support.

Air Waterland is not a standard broker! We only support you with the sale, so you will save selling cost.

A broker charges you in general 5% of the selling price, so with an amount of € 100.000,00 you will have to pay at least € 5000,00 plus advertisement cost.
For a plane of 1.2 million this is even more!

You have a lot of knowledge about the plane in your own organization, so a total broker package is not always necessary.

By selling your plane with our support, you will definitely save a lot of Money! We can support you with the following:

- Valuation
- Sale preparation (technically, cosmetic, equipment, annual)
- Market analyses on type and today’s selling market
- Marketing strategy
- Using our network of aircraft buyers
- Define sale strategy

This a complex course and no Plane is the same, so our course is custom made for your Plane!

Ferry flights

We are able to ferry your plane anywhere in Europe or even beyond.

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